Self Discovery with Essential Oils

"Who in the world am I? Ah, that's the great puzzle."
-- Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

For real. Who are you? Who am I, for that matter?

Who are we?!?!?

Good question. But one worth seeking the answer. And the answer can only be found through a journey to self discovery. You are really the only one who can find out who you are. 

But, yikes. The journey of self-discovery can be a scary one. You learn things about yourself that you might not like -- things that are hard to change but that, when released, can lead to a more fulfilling life. 

It is worth it, I'm sure. And there are plenty of tools that can help as you seek to find your true self. One of those tools is essential oils. Several oils have wonderfully supportive emotional properties and if you'd like to support yourself as you release your limiting beliefs and move toward self-acceptance and compassion, well, I have some oils for you!

Let's start with these:

Bergamot: The oil of self acceptance.

Wild Orange: The oil of abundance.

Geranium: The oil of love and trust.

White Fir: The oil of generational healing.

You can use the oils individually, or blend them together in a roller bottle to wear as you travel on your journey toward self discovery. You may find that some days you apply it once, some days more often. Your body will tell you what you need -- if you listen!

*** Please note that the citrus oils in this blend can cause photo-sensitivity so avoid sunlight after using this blend on your skin. Or, apply the blend on the bottom of your feet or other skin that will not be exposed to sunlight.***

Disclaimer: One of the most important things to know about essential oils is that all essential oils are NOT created equally. Many of them are actually synthetic, with no therapeutic value for your health and wellness. When buying essential oils make sure they are certified pure therapeutic grade. If you want to order the brand I trust and personally use, email me:

Teaching Team Profile: Rebecca Boswell

I invite you to learn more about the wonderful people who comprise the Essentially Happy Living teaching team. These individuals each bring a unique perspective to their essential oils business -- everyone has their own teaching style and their own strengths. The really cool part is that the members of our teaching team are so supportive of one another and always lifting each other up. What an honor it is to know and work with this team!

To start us off, I'm happy to introduce Rebecca Boswell. She was the first person I enrolled (!!!) and I am forever grateful that she is part of my life. She has a diverse background in holistic wellness (you can learn more about her at her web site: and she shares her knowledge freely.

Name: Rebecca Boswell
Where you live: Greenville, SC
Family: Daughter Maile (8yo), son Griffin (5yo), bunny Cobie, and hubby Jed.
Favorite book: Too many to list. Some favorites include, The Alchemist, The Four Agreements, and most anything that lifts my spirit and brings me closer to center.
How you got into essential oils: I have been exposed to essential oils my whole life through my aunt in Austria (a western-trained pharmacist, who incorporated natural solutions into her work, including homeopathy, herbal treatments, and essential oils). When I was introduced to my favorite therapeutic-grade oils in June of 2014, I was thrilled with the quality, standards of practice, and co-impact sourcing model. In November of 2014 I chose to offer my first class, and by January of 2015 I was committed to building a business, as part of my existing holistic wellness practice. I am excited to get my oils each month and love sharing them with others. One of my favorite things is getting emails, calls, and texts out of the blue from Wellness Advocates I have enrolled, telling me about how much they love their oils, a new discovery, something that performed miracles in their household, and sometimes to just say 'thank you' for introducing them to a whole new approach to health in their homes. I have an amazing team and am so grateful to the balance my oils offer me emotionally, physically, and financially.
Favorite oil/diffuser blend: This changes, depending on my mood, situation, energy level, and environment. I do like Tangerine and Spearmint combined when I'm working (or Peppermint and Wild Orange), Uplifting Blend when I need a little extra sunshine, Cleansing Blend if there is any kind of lingering odor, Protective Blend if I want to boost my immunity, and a mix of Grounding Blend and Calming Blend to help sleep or relax.

* * *

If you would like to learn more about the essential oils that Rebecca uses, or find out about the other services she provides, you can visit her web site ( or send her an email:

Energizing Diffuser Blend

Today's featured diffuser blend is this energizing combination of peppermint, lime, and grapefruit. It will perk you up for sure!

Want to know more about essential oils, how to use them, and how you can get my favorite oils at the best price? Send me a quick message and I will help you out!

felicehalf at yahoo dot com

Enjoy the day!

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