Essential Oils


I'm so glad you have stopped by today, whether you are simply curious about essential oils, have a specific concern (like using essential oils to repel ticks or natural remedies for ADHD) or you are committed to enhancing your overall wellness by reducing your toxic load and getting serious about pro-active self-care. Welcome, welcome, welcome!!!

There has never been a better time than right now to empower yourself to live a happy, healthy, vibrant life!

Empowering yourself comes from making informed decisions about your (and your family's) physical, emotional, and spiritual health. But information is not enough. To truly be empowered, you need the tools as well.

For me, essential oils are one of the easiest, most gratifying tools to rocking a magically abundant life. I'm thrilled that you are here today so I can share with you how essential oils, specifically doTERRA essential oils can empower you on your journey to your naturally vibrant life!

Why doTERRA?

My first experience with essential oils -- after the requisite cheap patchouli in college -- was when my doctor prescribed them in 2011. I had had Lyme disease and was suffering systemic effects from it. I wasn't getting better using synthetic medicine, so we went a more natural route. I bought my essential oils at the doctor's office, used them as prescribed and, quite honestly, didn't give them all that much thought. They helped me -- considerably -- as did the natural supplements, tinctures, and dietary changes.

Fast forward a few years and I was introduced to doTERRA essential oils by a good friend and was immediately drawn to the essential oils, along with the amazing business opportunity. I researched the company (and researched, and researched some more!) and was impressed with their commitment to testing and quality, and the ways in which they source their oils.

I truly and emphatically believe that our bodies were designed to heal themselves. That, given the right environment and support, they will naturally work toward health. Our bodies are amazing. We are amazing.

And we can all choose to move toward that abundant health and wellness right now. Today.

Get Started

Getting started with doTERRA is acutally pretty simple. If you'd like to jump in but need to be walked through your choices, we can set up a call or, if you're local, an in-person chat. Text me at 518-331-6036.

If you're all-in, right now, then let's get to it!

A doTERRA customer wholesale account works just like a BJs or Costco membership. You open your account and then you can purchase whatever you'd like, whenever you'd like at a discount. You'll have your own personal shopping site and the products will be shipped directly to you. 

Super easy.

This is how the majority of people purchase their doTERRA essential oils. Most of them start with a starter kit, bundles of oils that have an extra discount worked into the price, but you can also simply open your account for $35 and then order whatever you'd like at your discount.

Need help? Email me! felicepd at