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Ready to get started with essential oils?

Let me make it really quick and easy for you:

Visit and click SHOP if you'd like to place a retail order with me. This is good for people who want to buy one or two oils.

The best and most popular way to purchase oils is to open a wholesale account, however, and that is what I recommend to everyone who talks to me about oils. With a wholesale account, you get the best pricing and perks, and there are no minimum order requirements, unless you opt to save even more with our fab loyalty reward program.

(A wholesale account DOES NOT obligate you to sell -- in fact, you cannot earn commission with a wholesale account. Rather, a wholesale account is like a BJs or Costco savings club. You get an awesome 25% discount off retail prices. No requirements, just savings!)

So, if you want to get busy saving, and you'd like to get started with one of our enrollment kits (that happen to have an even greater discount built-in to the price) then visit and click JOIN AND SAVE, pick your country, and follow the directions to open your wholesale account. (Or, just go here directly.)

US Enrollment Kits

Questions? Want to chat about how essential oils can support your wellness goals? Would you like to find a local class on essential oils?  Email me at felicepd at 

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