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Have you ever wondered if you could make money doing something you love and enjoy? Do you have a desire to empower others and help them enhance their health and well-being? 

My team of over 500+ wholesale customers and wellness advocates is growing daily and I am always looking for the right people to mentor in this business. My leaders are vibrant individuals who love to share the healing power of natural medicine with others -- and who enjoy carving their own path toward financial freedom. We support and encourage each other as we all build businesses that are as unique as we are.                                                                                                                   

I've helped many people turn their love of essential oils into new careers. The best part? These people are doing it their way, for themselves, not while working for anyone else. They are building their own businesses -- with all the love, support, and mentoring that comes from being part of my team. I am here to help anyone who wants to succeed -- whether success is defined as an extra $100 a month, $1000 a month, or completely replacing your family's income.

You can do it.

My team and I can help -- and I welcome the opportunity to uncover the possibilities in your life!

With my friend and fellow doTERRA leader at the 2016 Convention in Utah.

Enjoying a night out with some of my amazing local team.

Why Should You Join My Team?

Joining my Essentially Happy Living team can be the first step toward changing your life. 

Flexibility. Freedom. Purpose. 

These are things that I wanted in my life when I started on this journey. And now I have them. I enjoy setting my own schedule -- working when I want to work and being about to do the things with my family that are important to me. I enjoy being the CEO of my business -- doing my business my way. I enjoy getting paid to do something that I love. Most of all? I enjoy making a change in the world -- empowering others to improve their health and well-being with these amazing essential oils. I LOVE my job!!!!

If you are willing to learn, I am willing to help you achieve your dreams. Fill out this form so we can chat!